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How to Get Study Visa For Brazil Abroad Study Pakistani Students

Students from Pakistan aim to study abroad. They are found to select Brazil for higher studies due to greater opportunities. To study in Brazil, students require a student visa. Instructions concerning this study visa for Brazil are mentioned below along with details regarding how to get it. Take a look. How to Get Study Visa For Brazil Abroad Study Pakistani Students.

If students of Pakistan have been accepted by a university in Brazil, which registered with the Ministry of Education in Brazil, they can apply for study visa easily.


  • Have a valid passport not expiring within 6 months.
  • Pay for your classes. At the time of writing they are R$565, and you can find more information on the Portuguese for foreigners website. I transferred money to her, which was a mistake because I was charged a $50 transfer fee and she was charged to receive it. It would have been better if she loaned me the money and I paid her back when I got there.
  • Get an official enrollment letter from the University, which needs to be certified and then notarized. This took me almost three weeks, so plan your time accordingly. I got my visa less than a week before leaving. Don’t put yourself through this stress; keep your flight days flexible.
  • Get a passport sized photo for your visa.
  • Make a copy of your driver’s license as proof of residency.
  • Get is a background check showing no criminal record from the local police.
  • You also need financial capability to pay for your stay in Brazil. The consulate does not state how much savings they consider “financially capable” (Editor’s note: $1,000 a month should be enough), so I had my dad write out a letter stating that he would take responsibility for me while I am here, just to be safe. If you get someone to take responsibility for you then you need a few things: a notarized letter stating financial responsibility, a notarized official bank statement , and your birth certificate to show that you are related to the sponsor.
  • You need to send proof of departure. This means you have to buy your ticket before you’re even sure if you’ll get the visa.
  • Make sure you fill out the visa request form on the consulate’s website and print it out (attach your photo to this and sign it).

How to Get Study Visa For Brazil Abroad Study Pakistani Students

How to Get Study Visa For Brazil Abroad Study Pakistani StudentsThere are several steps which are required to get your study visa for Brazil. These are as follows:

  • A valid passport, make your passport is not expiring within six months
  • You should have a payment record of the classes you will be attending in the educational institute in Brazil
  • Collect your official enrollment letter from the University you got selected into
  • The official enrollment letter must be certified and then notarized
  • Make a passport size photo of your visa
  • Go to your local police and obtain your certificate of no criminal background
  • You have to show your financial capability
  • Send proof of departure which includes your ticket

Select a visa service and you are ready to apply for your visa. You can also make an appointment online.

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