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Best & Top A Level & O Level Schools in Pakistan

Finding the best school that is offering A-level and O-level is no supplementary complicated as this article contains the list of top 20 institutes offering best quality education. This edification structure is been adopted by the mostly international countries and British schooling system is been used in it which is one of the most up to date system.

With the progress in educational field in whole world, Pakistan’s school systems are also trying their finest to compete with world’s advancement in education field. Pakistan’s institutes that are offering O and A-level are internationally acknowledged.

O-level and A-level education system is allowing Pakistan’s youth to be advanced just as of international students. One who has plans to get higher education from overseas has great interest in O and A-level so today most of the top ranked institutes are offering this educational system.

When it comes to the basic education system, there is a false perception that British education system is only for those who have plans to go to any foreign country for higher education but the O and A-level are equivalent of the Metric and intermediate respectively.

Best & Top A Level & O Level Schools in Pakistan Rawalpindi, Lahore KarachiBest & Top A Level & O Level Schools in Pakistan Rawalpindi, Lahore Karachi

So get enrolled in O and A level is not only for those who are interested in studying abroad but they can also convert them into Metric and intermediate if they desire to get admission in Pakistan’s universities.

Pakistan is one of those countries whose students are giving their best in this educational system. Ali moeen, Haroon Tariq and Zohaib Asad are Pakistani students from three different schools who have made records by securing As in 40+ subjects.

There are number of schools in Pakistan that are serving their students with quality education but we enchanted this article with List of 20 institutes of Pakistan which are renowned worldwide because of their excellent results in O and A-level. Following are the names:

  1. Anthony’s High School, Lahore
  2. Aitcheson School, Lahore
  3. Karachi Grammar School, Lahore
  4. Pak-turk international school
  5. Cadet College, Hassan Abdal
  6. Beacon house
  7. Learning Alliance
  8. The City School
  9. Royal City School
  10. The Froebel’s School
  11. Roots
  12. The city
  13. Foundation Public School (O-level and A-level campus)
  14. A-level Study Center(located in University of Sargodha)
  15. Ibn-e-Sina, Lahore
  16. Bahria College, Islamabad
  17. Habib Public School
  18. Lahore Grammar School
  19. Islamabad Convent school
  20. OPF College for girls and OPF college for Boys

In the Pakistan A/O Level Schools List has been Provided Above to select you that which school is best for your child, So Best & Top A Level & O Level Schools in Pakistan Rawalpindi, Lahore Karachi and more cities has been exist.

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  1. koi bta skta hai o level kab sy start hota hai means yeh 8th k baad start hota hai na??
    r hum ny bht sy schools sy pta kiya lakin sab ny yahi btaya k o level nursery ya 5th k baad start hota hai?
    S0….. plzz tell me more about it am so confused 🙁 :/

    • O level starts from grade 9 normally, however, some schools start from grade 8. Secondly, the admin of this website should review his list of institutions. Lahore Grammar School has been ranked 18th which i think is not correct. It produces the best of results every year.

  2. What type of stupid crap is this? Like there’s no Nixor or Southshore in the list.

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