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How to Start Export and Import Business in Pakistan Procedure and Registration

When it comes to import and export business then it leads to the best business seen in the world. All over the world the people are seen to get the best way of the business which will be granted the best way to flourish in life. The people have many types of business of import and export

The steps that must be taken for the business are in the line of best ones. The import export business can be marked to be the best one in the count. The people will be given with the information which will lead them to flourish their business.


  • Selection of product
  • Opening of office
  • Registration for Exports
  • Selection of market
  • Quoting of price
  • Singing of contract
  • Terms of Delivery
  • Financing for exports
  • Packing
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Documentation
  • Post shipment documents

How to Start Export and Import Business in Pakistan Procedure and Registration

How to Start Export and Import Business in Pakistan Procedure and RegistrationMany steps are taken to the best way of business which will give out best way of living. If you have a business sense then go ahead and get the business started. There are many people who make out many business.

How To Start Import Export Business in Pakistan

  • NTN

Get your company ‘s NTN(National Tax Number) Certificate, which is issued by the Income Tax Department

  • Sales Tax Registration

Commercial exporter is not required to register with Sales Tax Department. But if you pay the sale tax on the goods from local market you must get yourself registered with sales tax department

  • Bank Account

Current Bank Account is required for export proceedings and documents.

  • Chamber Membership

Membership certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industries or any relevant trade association is required.

  • Documents For Clearing Agent

Once the consignment, to be exported arrives at the port usually a clearing agent services are sought. The following documents are required to provide to clearing agent to clear the consignment.
i) Packing List.
ii) Commercial Invoice.
iii) Letter of Credit (L/C).
iv) Certificate of Origin which is issued by Chamber of Commerce.
v) National Tax Number Certificate.

  • Form “E” and “I”

Form “E” and “I”  (State bank form): All exports and imports from Pakistan which are subject to Foreign Exchange Regulations are required to be declared on form which is in sets of four copies each. The exporter and importer should submit the full set of Form “E” and “I”to the bank after it has been completed and signed by the exporter and importer himself or his authorized agent.

  • Submission of Export Documents to the bank.

All shipping documents covering goods exported or imported from and in Pakistan and declared on form “E” and “I” must be passed through the medium of bank within 14 days from the date of shipment.

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