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Hajj 2015 Lucky Draw Result Announced Candidates Name List

Each country drives Haji according to this thorough information of inventory. For this Pakistan management come to a decision to collect application form complete more than the Pakistan. One of the Largest Islamic Festival that is One of the Pillar of Islam that is Hajj, In hajj largest gathering of Muslim people in the world every year and hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and religious duty.

One of the Largest gathering in the world every year in the Minha for Hajj, All Muslim who are afford hajj all expense they can do this in her life only one time. At end a from end to end lucky draw makes a decision the triumphant candidate’s final lists that are disappearing for Hajj all through 2015.

Applicants can now easily verify their basic information and group details. Incase of any discrepancy such as Missing or Extra Group Member, Incorrect CNIC Number, Incomplete Basic Information or any other related mistake, kindly consult respective branch of the bank where you have submitted your application.

Hajj 2015 Lucky Draw Result Announced Candidates Name List

Hajj 2015 Lucky Draw Result Announced Candidates Name List

This is for the reason that Saudi management has publicized number of Haji for each country. Due to this simply that numeral of HAJI are departing for HAJJ that are permissible by Saudi government.

“Decision on the ‘lucky 68000’ Muslims who will perform Hajj this year under government’s scheme has been taken with the help of a lucky draw. 68000 Pakistanis including 4000 from Wana will perform Hajj this year, (Source : Duniya News)”

At that precise daylight Muslims from complete over the world departing for Hajj. So it’s not several straightforward commissions for Saudi government. This is that they assemble facilities designed for such gigantic might so according to supply they make available list to each country. Hajj 2015 Lucky Draw Result Announced Candidates Name List.

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