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Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure Application

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023

Gulab Devi Education Complex Lahore will announce admissions 2023 in DPT Pharma D, B.Sc, BS, and Diploma Programs. Applications are open in the following DIPLOMA or Cert (After Matric) and the PG DIPLOMA / Cert, BACHELOR, DIPLOMA / the CERT (After Inter) Graduation Programs. It is essential to note the information to know that Gulab Devi’s Educational Complex Lahore has officially opened its new admissions. The admission for 2023 to their 5-year degree programs and their 4-year degree programs and admissions into their diploma courses are now open. We will discuss the Entry test its Test dates and Entry Test Results as well below. The institute is affiliated with Punjab university. The details of their admission procedure are listed below.

Gulab Devi Education Complex Lahore is announcing admission for the session 2023. The interested applicants are advised that Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore admissions are open, and you can submit your application as soon as possible. The official announcement of the institute outlines the complete application procedure and eligibility requirements, the admissions calendar, and details for contact.

4, 5 Year Degree Admission in GDEC Lahore

For this Pharm D program, you need to prove that you have a degree that is at least Fsc pre-medical, and you must have a minimum of 60% marks for the degree. The Pharm-D program at This Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore is affiliated with Punjab University.

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure Application

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023 Last Date Fee Structure Application

The last day to apply for Gulab Devi Educational Complex GDEC Lahore admission is on the 23rd of October 2023.

Gulab Devi Education Complex Lahore Doctor of the physiotherapy program is associated with the University of Sargodha. To be admitted to the program, students must attain 55% marks during their FSc pre-medical studies. They may have a similar educational qualification as well.

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore Admission 2023

Admission into their programs for Bsc honors in cardiac perfusion technology, Bsc Honors in Medical Laboratory Technology Bsc honors in operating theatre technology honors of the respiratory system from Bsc, and BSc Honors in the field of intensive emergency technology for health care has been made available too. The majority of these Bsc programs are fully affiliated and linked to each other and the University of health sciences. These programs require you must receive 50% marks in your Fsc medical degree in the order you are eligible to get admission to those Bsc honors programs in healthcare allied sciences.

GDEC University Admission Application

Admission is Open 2023

Admission forms for GDEC are now available!

Gulab Devi Educational Complex offers Gulab Devi Educational Complex, we provide:

  • Pharm D
  • DPT
  • Allied Health Sciences (CPT, MLT, RRT, OTT & E & ICT)
  • Generic BSN
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Post Basic Specialization (OT, CCU & ICU)
  • Nurse-Midwifery
  • BS HND
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Psychology
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Zoology
  • Certificate in paramedics (MLT, RIT, OTT Optometry, Dispenser, and MLT)

How to Apply GDEC Lahore Admission 2023

How To I apply for Admission 2023 in Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore?

GDEC Admission Rules & Regulations:

Every student must be bound by these College Rules, Regulations, policies, and guidelines that the College Administration can issue from time to time. Any violation of these Rules or Regulations, Policies, and Guidelines will expose them to administrative, disciplinary, and legal action, which includes but is not restricted to the imposition of fines, suspensions, or expulsion (both temporary and permanent) expulsion from the College.

GDEC Admission Entry Regulations:

  • The candidate should fill in each of the columns on the application form. A form that is not completed will not be accepted.
  • All certificates/documents have to be authenticated by a senior government official. The institute is allowed to send the documents to departments on time to be verified. If the department is in opposition or rejection, GDEC may cancel the candidate admission, and the applicant is responsible for the consequences.
  • The Entry Test and the interview are conducted at the discretion of the institute. (what do you think, Al Aleem)?
  • GDEC will post the merit list on the notice board/website, and interviews will be conducted following the final admission list. GDEC will post the final admission list on the board as well as the website (www. Gdec.edu.pk)
  • All seats are available on an open merit basis, and admissions will be given based on merit.
  • After the Principal’s signature, an interview panel would be considered irrevocable and irrevocable. The candidate must be present with all original documents to the interview panel at the moment of admission.
  • Students are advised to get the dues Challan form from the accounts section and have it deposited at the Bank on or before the deadline.

GDEC Rules and Regulations for Hostels:

  • The student will be allocated an accommodation space (as per the availability) by the relevant authority. The student will be a resident as of the date on which they occupy the seat.
  • Suppose there is damage to or loss of property belonging to the hostel. In that case, Gulab Devi Education Complex will recoup the costs from the student responsible, should they be determined or all students in the hostel following the management of the hostel.
  • Any physical or mental abuse to students or anyone else will not be tolerated.
  • Drinking, using drugs, or other substances are not permitted throughout the campus. Students who violate these rules are expelled from the hostel and removed from the campus right away.
  • All lights, fans, and electrical appliances should be shut off when the person is not present in the room or zone. Electric appliances such as air conditioners or heaters are not permitted in any space. If they are found to be in violation, a penalty of 500 dollars will be assessed.
  • The Hostel Management reserves the right to conduct a spot check on hostel rooms and bedrooms at any time without prior notification to students.
  • Hostel Management reserves the right to move residents. Hostel Management reserves the right to transfer residents to different accommodation rooms in the event of the need.
  • Students must inform prior Hostel Warden about visitors. Visitors will not be allowed to stay overnight in the hostel’s premises.
  • Students are not allowed to have any outdoor picnic without prior permission.

GDEC General Rules & Regulations:

Admission to those students is canceled if they are not enrolled within 10 days from the date of admission, and the dues that they pay in this regard will not be refunded.

  • Admission is confirmed following the registration of the relevant universities. The institute will not be responsible for any legal action arising out of the registration process by Concerned University.
  • 75 % clinical and 75 % theoretical attendance is mandatory to take part in the University and internal Examination in all subjects.
  • Students must pass all tests required within the specified guidelines to sit for the University Annual Professional Examination.
  • Fines of up to Gulab Devi Education Complex will impose Rs. 50/day for absences without the approval of a valid reason.
  • Gulab Devi Education Complex will charge a 100 Rs per day fee on the due date for the Fee.
  • All leaves need to be approved and signed by the Director of Education of the relevant department or Admin Director GDEC before the leave.
  • Latecomers to the class might be declared absent.
  • The Principal is vested with the power to revoke their name from any students accused of violating rules, regulations of the College.
  • Students are not allowed to remain or move within the hospital or Institution with any weapon. Any student found guilty is punished according to the law in the nation.
  • Students are not permitted to engage in any immoral or political activity or display, paste or display any poster or handbills with badges, leaflets, and the like within the Institution’s premises without permission from the Institution’s authorities and Hospital administration.
  • Students are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, or gamble within the Institution or hospital premises.
  • The student cannot quit College during or her class without prior permission.
  • Gulab Devi Education Complex will incur charges related to the University after acceptance following the University Rules.
  • The Institution is empowered to increase the Fee periodically if and when it believes it is appropriate to increase the Fee.

General Information About The Admission in GDEC

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore will be remaining open on the weekdays and even on Sundays For admission only. You are still able to visit their campus or can visit the official site. The institute has not yet published and announced its final date for the submission of forms. Suppose you’re looking to enroll in one of their Diploma programs or would like to join their 4 or 5 year medical science courses. We will keep you updated with more information and updates regarding these admissions. To stay informed on this page. In that case, you can apply for the admission process currently underway at the Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore. Best of luck in the admissions, and keep an eye on us.

Academic Calendar of The Gulab Devi Educational Complex

The Candidates interested in taking admission in any offered programs must be aware of the College Rules and Regulations, Policies, and guidelines. Admissions for the upcoming session are now open for the Gulab Devi Educational Complex Lahore for 2023. Pre-registration is now started. The entrance test is required for all applicants. To check GDEC Lahore admission guide and Academic Calendar 2023 for admission to all programs. Following the rules, entry tests, as well as interviews, are conducted by the College. For more information on online entry tests and interviews, visit this page.

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission Eligibility Criteria

We invite you to stay with our website to get information regarding GDEC Lahore Spring/Fall admission. Gulab Devi Education Complex schedule online registration fees, fee structure and selection criteria for eligibility and admission test, merit lists prospectus, schedule for Entry Test and scholarship, faculty ranking prospectus, hostel, and courses programs. Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023 Last Date, applying online, the admissions guide, and more, visit this page.

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Fee Strucutre 2023

According to the history of the place, Gulab Devi Hospital was created by an influential Hindu politician from Punjab in 1928. He built a memorial hospital/treatment facility to preserve the memory of his mother, who was his adored Gulab Devi. Gulab Devi Postgraduate Medical Institute was founded in 2004, and then it was affiliated with the University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore. University of Health Sciences UHS Lahore.

Gulab Devi Institute Of Physiotherapy Entrance Test 2023 and Entry test Result 2023 will be updated here and GDEC admission forms us uploaded as well.

Gulab Devi Institute Of Physiotherapy University launched a degree in Cardiology and a certificate for Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases for postgraduate doctors in 2005-2006.

GDEC seeks to improve healthcare by adding a level of hospital services by enhancing it by Allied Health Care technologists and conducting research on the indigenous variations of illnesses resulting from particular environmental elements similar to our local environment.

Gulab Devi Educational Complex Admission 2023 Eligibility Criteria

Doctor of Pharmacy: 60% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)


Doctor of Physiotherapy: 60% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)


B.Sc. (Hons) Allied Health Science: 50% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

  • Medical Lab Technology (MLT)
  • Cardiac Perfusion Technology (CPT)
  • Operation Theater Technology (OTT)
  • Respiratory Therapy (RT)
  • Emergency & Intensive Care (E & ICT)


BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics: 45% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

BS Microbiology: 45% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

BS Biotechnology: 45% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

BS Biochemistry: 45% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)


BS Psychology: 45% in F.Sc./ICS/F.A (Psychology)*

BS Chemistry: 45% in F.Sc.

BS Zoology: 45% in F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)

BS Statistics: 45% in Intermediate


B.Sc Nursing: 50% in F.Sc (Pre-Medical)

Post Basic Specialization (CCU-OT): BSN/General Nursing


Paramedic Diplomas 45% in Matric  (Biology)  % 45% in Science Subjects Combined (Bio, Phy, Chem)

  • Medical Lab Technician
  • Radio & Imaging Technician
  • Operation Theater Technician
  • Ophthalmic Technician
  • Dispenser

Gulab Devi Institute Of Physiotherapy began work to establish the development of a Postgraduate Medical Institute in 2003. The feasibility study conducted in 2003 finally paid off, and in 2004 Gulab Devi Postgraduate Medical Institute was created, and the institute became affiliated to The University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Furthermore, Gulab Devi Education Complex led to the Diploma is awarded in Cardiology (Dip. Card.) along with the Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases (DTCD) was introduced in 2005.

In addition, through collaboration and collaboration with Gulab Devi Hospital, the institute was recognized as a training center for FCPS Cardiology from the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan. Additionally, Gulab Devi Hospital’s Department of Cardiology at Gulab Devi Hospital has been acknowledged as a provider of MRCP education by the Royal College of Physicians in England.

Following the direction of Governor Punjab and Governor Punjab, The University of Health Sciences, Lahore has accelerated its efforts in forming highly qualified medical professionals. In addition, the Gulab Devi Postgraduate Medical Institute had also responded enthusiastically by beginning classes and training in the field of Allied Health Professionals in 2007. The result was that candidates to pursue education and training were granted admission to B.Sc (Hons) Allied Health Sciences in Cardiac Perfusion, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Emergency & Intensive Care Technology, and Operation Theater Technology.

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