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The Virtual University, Pakistan’s opening University pedestal wholly on contemporary Information and Communication Technologies, was reputable by the Government as a municipal subdivision, not-for-profit establishment with an understandable undertaking to make available enormously reasonable world-course group instruction to would-be students all greater than the country. VU Virtual University Admission Spring 2021 Apply Now Online Eligibility Criteria.

By means of free-to-air dependency television put out and the Internet, the Virtual University consent to students to pursue its meticulous curriculum apart from their corporeal position. The commands are confirmed by the site of Virtual University for the online form submission. Here we want to declare if you feel like admission to Virtual University Spring Admission 2021 Online then You can acquire apply from beginning to end online development that is identified in the beneath side.

VU Virtual University Admission Spring 2021 Apply Now Online Eligibility Criteria

WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela Admission 2021 Registration Form Available


The Virtual University of Pakistan distributes instruction from beginning to end a well-judged amalgamation of televising television and the Internet. VU courses are hand-crafted in scrupulous detail by approved professional in the pasture.

Lectures are then documentation in a specialized studio atmosphere and subsequent to the introduction of slides, movie clips, and supplementary substance, become standing by for screen. Course lectures are transmitted more than free-to-air television and are furthermore made existing in the form of multimedia CDs.


The University intends to offer admissions in the following study programs during Spring 2021:

Faculty of Arts

  1. M.Sc. Applied Psychology
  2. M.Sc. Organizational Psychology
  3. M.Sc. Economics
  4. MA English Language Teaching (ELT)
  5. M.Sc. Mass Communication
  6. BS Mass Communication
  7. BS Economics
  8. BS English (Applied Linguistics)
  9. BS Psychology
  10. BS Sociology
  11. Associate Degree in Arts
  12. Associate Degree in Mass Communication
  13. Associate Degree in Psychology
  14. Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology
  15. Post Graduate Diploma in Television Production
  16. Post Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT)
  17. Post Graduate Diploma in Linguistics  

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

  1. Master of Computer Science (MCS)
  2. Master of Information Technology (MIT)
  3. BS in Computer Science
  4. BS Information Technology
  5. BS Software Engineering
  6. Associate Degree in Computer Science  
  7. Associate Degree in Computer Networking
  8. Associate Degree in Database Management system
  9. Associate Degree in Web Design and Development
  10. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science
  11. Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology  

Faculty of Education   

  1. Master of Education (M.Ed.)  
  2. B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary  
  3. B.Ed. (Hons.) Early Childhood Care and Education
  4. B.Ed. Elementary 2.5-Year  
  5. B.Ed. Secondary 1.5-Year  
  6. Associate Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education 
  7. Associate Degree in Education  
  8. Associate Degree (in-service) Education
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Education  

Faculty of Management 

  1. Master of Accounting
  2. Master of Accounting & Finance
  3. Master of Banking & Finance
  4. Master of Business Economics (MB Econ.)
  5. Master of Commerce (M. Com)
  6. Master of Finance
  7. Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM)
  8. Master of Operations & Supply Chain Management
  9. Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  10. BS Business Administration
  11. Bachelor in Business & Information Technology (BBIT)
  12. BS Commerce
  13. BS Public Administration
  14. Associate Degree in Commerce
  15. Associate Degree in Business Administration
  16. Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
  17. Associate Degree in Islamic Banking
  18. Associate Degree in Human Resource Management
  19. Associate Degree in Operations Management
  20. Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing
  21. Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management
  22. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting 
  23. Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance 
  24. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 
  25. Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance 
  26. Post Graduate Diploma in Finance 
  27. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration 
  28. Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management 
  29. Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management 
  30. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management 
  31. Specialization Certificate (areas; Banking, Finance, HRM, Management, and Marketing)

Faculty of Science & Technology  

  1. M.Sc. Mathematics
  2. M.Sc. Statistics
  3. M.Sc. Zoology*
  4. BS (Bioinformatics)*
  5. BS (Biotechnology)*
  6. BS (Zoology)*
  7. BS (Mathematics)
  8. Associate Degree in Science (Math. Stat. Eco.)
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Molecular Biology
 *Limited Seats on Merit Basis – Only within Pakistan:

Students can apply only in a designated city/region. Each city will have its own merit. If any student wants to apply for more than one city, he/she must apply separately. They will not allow going for practical other than merit city after admission.  

Short Certificate Courses (Short Certificate Courses are also available in different areas e.g.

Computer Science, Economics, General Science, Humanities, Management, Statistics, Mathematics and etc.)

They are now offering more new courses for you that make you more open in your thinking to the practical start of the education. Make up your mind to achieve your goals and BEST OF LUCK.

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