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What is the Best Career After Intermediate FA/FSc in Pakistan Choose Study or Profession

Choosing a field for a professional degree is the most significant decision in the life of a student. This decision should not be made without proper research and professional guidance. This article is about the best careers a student can choose for him or herself in Pakistan after successfully passing intermediate FA or FSC.

In Pakistan, an impression is there that only doctor, engineer and military are the respectful professions. We have to move forward from these traditions if we want to move with the rest of the world. There are so many professions that no one can know all of them.

Professions with good scope: Mass Communication, IT, all forms of engineering (most of all software), BCA, BPA, BBA, Psychology and so many others. In medical field; MBBS, BDS and pharmacology are the fields with unending future scope. Students who want to start practical life right after intermediate.

What is the Best Career After Intermediate FA/FSc in Pakistan Choose Study or Profession

What is the Best Career After Intermediate FA/FSc in Pakistan Choose Study or Profession

The best way for them to develop skills after matriculation is to take admission in institution who offer short and long term diplomas. Diploma in IT, diploma in Medicines. Diploma in electricity etc are the options that will help them develop an ever useful skill. After completing their diploma, they can apply for relevant jobs and start supporting their family.

These decisions must not be made randomly. Our whole professional life and our career depends on this single decision. We urge students to acquire maximum education before they start working and make their country proud. For further professional guidance, keep visiting this site.

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  1. I have done Fsc pre medical with 890 marks,,, I i am intersted in bba or bscs? which should i do?

  2. 658 in fsc 60% almost

  3. 658 in fsc pre eng

  4. i did fa in 2015.what are the choises of studies for me because i want to study in science subjects bt in this case what i do

  5. i have got 800 marks in fsc pre engineering but i’m still not able to get admission in any uni…what am I do???
    I m totally upset.

  6. Bro try for diploma in any engineering related field.

  7. Sallam i did FA with 850 marks what should i do now

  8. jis field may interested ho apply kro

  9. I have done my fsc pre medical with 740 marks.what I can do?

  10. Muhammad Haseeb yr Rehman

    I will get almost 81% in fsc pre engineering• my math is very good, what I’m do?

  11. 600 marks in fsc pre medical

  12. u can do ll.b if u takes interest in it…otherwise,u can do bcc in any of your favorite subject…as teaching is best profession for girls..good luck

  13. 774 in intermidiate suggestion plz

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