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UET Lahore ECAT Test 2017 Result Answer Key Merit List Aggregate Formula

Aggregate is very important to get admission in UET Lahore or any other institute. UET is best university among all the engineering and technology universities. As this is a era of technology without progress in IT field not any nation can compete the world, we need students with high intelligence and IQ inn IT terms to join UET so they will be polished by the university if science and technology.

As the country has to meet the growing demands of Engineering graduates. The allied subjects are introduced. The university has started the program in the new millennium. The teachers and the students are working hard to bring on the best education system. The main campus has enhanced and the establishment of the satellite campuses was taken up. Now the turn up will make the university listed in one of the best universities of the world. University of Engineering and Technology has announced it answer keys for the test held on 16TH July 2017. There are different combinations in ECAT test Red booklet. Red booklet contains three major subjects Chemistry, Computer and Statistics. These are the list of booklets for ECAT.

  • ECAT TEST DATE: 16th July 2017
  • ADMISSION DATE: 4TH September 2017

UET Lahore ECAT Test 2017 Result Answer Key Merit List Aggregate Formula

UET Lahore ECAT Test 2017 Result Answer Key Merit List Aggregate Formula

Formula to calculate aggregate of UET Lahore is as follow 

Admission Probability

Admission Probability Calculator for Engineering

Please enter your marks carefully.

Enter Your marks in FSc
Expected entrance test marks (out of 400)

In ECAT or UET, aggregate is calculated by adding 30% of ECAT Test Result and 70% of F.Sc/DAE/Diploma.

If you get 950 Marks in F.Sc  and 230 Marks in ECAT Test then your aggregate according to the formula will be:

(950 x 70 / 1100) + (230 x 30 / 400) = 77.705 %

You can also calculate your aggregate using the following pre-made calculator:

If student will calculate their merit through this calculating method and formula he or she will get accurate results of their marks , student should calculate their merit more then once, so the chances of committing any mistake or error will be removed from it,  without repeating this you will doubt on accuracy in the results of your aggregate results. For further news details and information keep visiting our website.

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