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UET Peshawar has now opened the admissions for the students, who want to get admissions to the respected institute. The students can make the best way of way. Admittance to B.Sc. Engineering shall be on the foundation of merit.

The Departments of Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering shall be bottom on merit. On the other hand, the candidates come clean alongside several set aside quota in the Departments of Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil Engineering shall be familiar with the evening shift.

UET Peshawar Entry Test Admission 2021 Dates and Schedule Merit List available here. All those students who are looking for the Dates and Schedule of UET Peshawar Entry Test Admission 2021 now relax and check the Date and Schedule here.

UET Peshawar is the summit position public university in KPK. Admittance to UET Peshawar is determined from side to side mutual merit of FSc marks as well as present in the entry test. UET Peshawar has made known the dates and admission timetable for 2021.


You are eligible to appear in the UET, Peshawar, entrance test if you have done Part I or Part II of the intermediate examination. F.Sc/DAE result awaited students can also apply for ETEA Test.

However, for admission to UET, candidates must score, over 60% unadjusted marks in intermediate, irrespective of the percentage of Part I intermediate result and score of the entrance test result.

Candidates, who have passed the Intermediate Examination with the subject of Computer Science instead of Chemistry, are eligible for admission in Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Software Engineering only. They are allowed to take the Entrance Test and attempt the Computer Science portion instead of Chemistry.

UET Peshawar Entry Test Admission 2021 Dates and Schedule Merit List Engineering and Technology

UET Entry Test for Admission in Engineering & Technology University Form Download

The institute’s purpose is to lend a hand in delivering Engineers with commanding background information of fundamental sciences. The faculty members are extraordinarily competent, the gigantic greater ingredient of them has M. Phil prerequisite while 3 of them grasp Ph. D prerequisite.

(Regular Fee Rs.42515/- per annum)
Rationalized fee per semester plus Annual normal fee and user charges Rs.63885/-
Peshawar Campus:

  • Agricultural Engg.= 20
  • Chemical Engg.= 60
  • Civil Engg.= 90
  • Electrical Engg. (Communication)= 60
  • Electrical Engg. (Power)= 30
  • Mechanical Engg.= 90
  • Mining Engg.= 20

Bannu Campus:

  • Civil Engineering= 46
  • Electrical Engineering= 46

Jalozai Campus:

  • Civil Engineering= 40
  • Electrical Engineering (Communication)= 40
  • Mechanical Engineering= 40
  • Industrial Engineering= 40
Peshawar Campus

  • Mechatronics Engineering= 30
  • Computer Systems Engineering= 73
  • Industrial Engineering= 30

Mardan Campus

  • Computer Software Engineering (Mardan)= 56
  • Telecommunication Engineering (Mardan)= 56

Abbottabad Campus

  • Electronics Engineering (Abbottabad)= 59

Kohat Campus

  • Electrical Engineering (Communication) Kohat= 50


  • Electrical Engineering (Communication), Peshawar = 40 seats
  • Electrical Engineering (Power), Peshawar = 40 seats
  • Civil Engineering, Peshawar = 80 seats
  • Mechanical Engineering, Peshawar = 80 seats
  • Chemical Engineering, Peshawar = 40 seats
  • Mechatronics Engineering, Peshawar = 40 seats
  • Industrial Engineering, Peshawar = 40 seats
  • Computer System Engineering, Peshawar = 40 seats

Bannu Campus

  • Electrical Engineering (Communication), Bannu = 40 seats
  • Civil Engineering, Bannu = 40 seats

Mardan Campus

  • Telecommunication Engineering, Mardan = 40 seats
  • Electrical Engineering (Communication), Mardan = 35 Seats
  • Electrical Engineering (Power), Mardan = 35 Seats

Kohat Campus

  • Electrical Engineering (Communication), Kohat = 40 seats

Jalozai Campus

  • Civil Engineering= 40 seats
  • Electrical Engineering (Communication) = 40 seats
  • Mechanical Engineering = 40 seats

UET admissions are open. Apply and start preparing for the entry test. Given here is the University’s profile. The institution started its career in 1921. Later it became the ‘Maclagan Engineering College’, a name given to it in 1923 when Sir Edwards Maclagan, the then Governor of Punjab who laid the foundation stone of the main building, now called the Main Block, which still retains its majesty despite the wear and tear of over eight decades.

At that stage, the institution offered courses of study in only two disciplines; Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Apply as soon as possible to get admission to this prestigious institute. 3 faculty members are at the moment succeeding their Ph. D studies.

The programs of Pakistan Studies and Islamiat are knowledgeable with the aspiration to hammer truthfulness and partisanship in the students. The details about the admissions are mentioned.

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