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KPK ETEA KMU Peshawar Entry Test 2023 Online Registration Forms

Educational Testing & Evaluation Agency ETEA is doing administration of Entrance Tests for admission to Engineering and Medical institutions of the province in place of external testing agencies. However, the scope of activities and the objectives for the ETEA were broadened much beyond the Entrance Tests as stated in the Ordinance.

It is supervised by a Board of Governors, headed by the Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Higher Education Minister is the Vice Chairman and the Secretary of Higher Education is one of its members. Executive Director ETEA is the Secretary of the Board.

This institute is one of the premier universities for learning higher education in Pakistan, with a strong ability in the development of science and engineering study in all provinces of KPK. In short, it has to catalyze reforms in the examination and testing systems, impart training on these endeavors, and extend the use of its electronic facilities to other institutions to bring objectivity, transparency, and efficiency.

KPK ETEA KMU Peshawar Entry Test 2023 Online Registration Forms Details Schedule Dates Time of Test Centers List

KMU ETEA Admissions 2023 Entrance Test Registration for MBBS BDS Schedule



Instructions for Candidates

  • Students are requested to bring the following on the day of the test :
    • Admit Card (ID Number) provided by the respective Institutions / ETEA.
    • Thin Tip Black Marker (Dollar Sketch line marker).
    • Clip Board to hold the Answer Sheet.
  • Your ID. Number (Roll No), Name & Test Form (Paper Version A, B, C, or D) is already filled on Pink Answer Sheet.
  • Students are requested to take care of the Answer Sheet. i.e., Not bend it, etc.
  • Total questions are 200, all compulsory, all carry equal marks.
  • The invigilators during the test will answer NO queries. Understanding the paper is also a part of the test.
  • Each wrong answer will get a -1 score, the correct answer receives a +4 score, and the unattempted gets a 0 score.
  • More than one mark on the same question will be considered wrong.
  • Be sure before you mark your answer because once you do that, it can not be changed.
  • Do not use any type of ERASER or any covering fluids. Any attempts to erase a mark can result in damaging the sheet and hence it will not be marked correctly.
  • Use of Mobile Phones, calculators, calculator watches, scientific or mathematical tables, and other electronic devices is not allowed.
  • Please use the ROUGH WORK sheet given at the end of the question paper for rough work. Do not detach that sheet from the question paper.
  • Do not write at the back of the answer sheet

How to prepare for the test?

There is no magical formula. Only rational considerations will genuinely help. You would be familiar with most of those considerations now that you have been writing tests and examinations for over 12 years! Some generalizations, however, are useful to be reminded of. Some are listed below, which are derived from the practical experiences of those who have gone through similar tests and those who have been involved in conducted and managing these tests.

Three golden

The First:

Hint to follow in preparing for an objective test (like the Entrance Test): Don’t Cram.


Review your subject keenly, thoroughly and with understanding. Memorizing becomes useful and easier after understanding the contents under review. Start early when you have plenty of time and browse at a relaxed pace. Don’t wait until the last few days to start preparing for the test or asking people to show you a short cut. There are no short cuts. The more time you give yourself, the more familiar you will become with the subject matter and better you will feel about being prepared.


Practice, practice, and practice solving MCQs as much as you can (Don’t be too hard on yourself) The more familiar you are with the format, better is your grasp on the questions in the test. Getting to know the question, some say, is half the battle won. Why not win half the battle before actually getting in to it? Remember! Skills necessary to beat the tests develop over time. Allow yourself that time and effort.

Before and during the test

  • Get a good night’s rest.
  • Do not change your eating habits, if possible.
  • Follow directions.
  • Do not become interested in your surroundings during the test.
  • Do not keep “one eye” on your friends and the “other” on the invigilator.
  • Your eyes should be fixed on the printed page, and your only objective should be to accomplish your task efficiently, with speed and accuracy.
  • Do not become impatient or discouraged if you cannot start at once effectively – most of us need a little warm-up period for our concentration to reach peak level.
  • Be interested in yourself ( not your surroundings and buddies) Self-interest leads to motivation to concentrate; remember, you are working for yourself and YOUR FUTURE.
  • Do not rush too much: there is no prize for finishing early.

Guessing Answers

People have different views about guessing. But there is a difference between intelligent and calculated guessing and bluffing. We all tend to guess at the most critical of times if we do not have a ready-made answer. You may think of guessing answers only after you have finished all you could and left with “don’t know”. In this situation, you could guess as long as it is a “calculated” and “educated” guess and not a wild guess.

There are certain hints for positive guessing which come with practice. Ask your teacher to give you some practice in the classroom. Remember, though, you would be penalized through negative marks if your guess, wild or calculated, did not work.

A positive approach to answering questions and test

Alongside the hints listed above, a positive, competitive approach and attitude are qualities of successful individuals. Hand in hand, however, goes a fund of knowledge. Nothing succeeds like knowledge of the subject for test-taking. Indeed, suggestions on test-taking are all built on knowledge, which is strongly reinforced by your confidence, being supported by an understanding of the process involved in the successful answering of the questions.

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