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The contender is obligatory to catalog for come into sight in the test as programmed by NTS. The registration progression is given below: Download GAT focus registration form and bank dump slip from the NTS website www.nts.org.pk. (The registration form is accessible on the website merely)

Drop Rs. 1500/- (Rupees One Thousand Five Hundred simply) for GAT – Subject Test from end-to-end online bank dump slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL, HBL, or ABL. (perceive bank overhaul charges on deposit trip) Affix 2 photographs (1 x 1.5 inch) at the facade of the registration form.

How to Apply NTS GAT Test, Its Registration Procedure Form Filling

NTS GAT Subject and General Test 2021 Test Date Answer Key Result


* All contenders are mandatory to afford their photographs with bursting face revelation.

Do not propel any documents other than two photos and an innovative bank drop slip by the side of your registration form.

A small number of things be obliged to be comprehensible to you prior to your block in the appearance. Any curtailed or uncertain in sequence in the form may source stoppage in the registration progression and you may not be talented to acquire the test on instance The directives to block up the form is as pursue:

If the application form is in type-able form, fill the application form, and stamp it. If not use black ink and BLOCK LETTERS to block up the appearance.

  • Download the suitable test application form.
  • Be vigilant with the spellings of your forename.
  • Inscribe the association/ mailing address appropriately where you can get in touch within expectations.

Test Fee is tender in the form of Online Deposit Slip in whichever adjoining UBL, ABL, MCB, or HBL branch; NTS Copy (Original) must be fond of with the Application Form.

Also designate your selection for the city, where you wish to receive the test out of the options accessible to you.

Give pleasure to make certain:

  • Two passport size photographs are fastened at apposite chairs on the form. (utilize gum as a substitute for using staples)
  • Innovative Bank put down Slip (NTS Copy)
  • CNIC (Photo Copy)

Engrave your most sought-after substantiation keyword of 4 digits no more than (for example 1234) mandatory for modification (in case of indistinctness) in your in sequence on the impermanent contender list on the NTS website. Retain in sequence this keyword and remain it with you for the reason that it will be mandatory to propose a rectification reservation in provisional candidates’ inventory afterward.

Decide on your test city for beloved test center preference. (in para 2. of the registration form)

Give pleasure to decide on merely one field of anticipated cram in para 3

Please write your convincing email address (in para 8. of the registration variety) as your roll number, test center, and supplementary in sequence will be driven to you at this email address (maintain inspection of your emails recurrently).

Roll number slips and result cards will be sent from beginning to end dispatch rider service. Furnish convincing and obvious address (in para 10. of the registration form) where liberation is convinced. Candidates must plug the “postal address”, “postal city” and “postal city borough” in their registration forms to accept the test roll number slip and result card.

In academic record fraction (para 12. of the registration form), write down your most important subjects and percentage of tenable marks in two digits barely, forms having any in a sequence other than percentage will not be progression. In academic record editorial “Board / University” (give pleasure to whittle only scrupulous board surname in contraction

Curtailed or reprehensively filled registration forms will not be progression. Please stay interactive with our website for qualified candidates list, test scene and all correlated in sequence: www.kitaab.com.pk

Put together the inventive deposit slip with the appropriately filled registration form and place it to NTS. After you block up the form according to the information, send your appearance through any dispatch rider service or mail (Post office).

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