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Check Online Gujranwala GEPCO Electricity Bill WAPDA

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) has set of connections over district of sway and network. Area Electricity Board (AEB) which was fashioned in untimely eighties has a link with them. They aim to afford safe, protected, available and trustworthy Electric Power supply to the revered customers.

WAPDA has executed the new system of billing online. This makes the citizen overwhelmed for this cooperation. The electricity crisis already has created chaos among the citizens of Pakistan. But this introduction of online billing make the citizens a little relaxed as they can submit their bills online by their bank accounts.

Printing Instructions

  • In Internet Explorer from the FILE menu click “PAGE SETUP”
  • Select PAPER SIZE as “A4”
  • Delete the values under HEADER and FOOTER
  • Select ORIENTATION as “Portrait”
  • Provide values of all four MARGINS as “0.25”
  • Click the OK button
  • From the FILE menu click “PRINT”
  • Choose appropriate printer and click the PRINT button

They have started this scheme to facilitate their valued customers by availing this service the customers can view their bills online and submit their bills online as well this makes the more relived. This is initiated in order to solve the complaints of the costumers those complaint that they don’t get their bills on time.

Check Online Gujranwala GEPCO Electricity Bill WAPDA

Check Online Gujranwala GEPCO Electricity Bill - WAPDA
WAPDA Duplicate Electricity Bill Gujranwala GEPCO Online

Get Your Online Bill Below GEPCO

The process of checking the bill, recording complaints as well as submitting your bills is very easy and convenient. You just have to click on the links and then you can make the instructions that are given. You can click the companies like (HESCO) (GEPCO) (MEPCO) (LESCO) (FESCO) (IESCO) (PESCO) then enter the reference number that is required. The reference number is given on every bill that you get. Gujranwala GEPCO Electricity Bill are provided online.

Check Online Gujranwala GEPCO Electricity Bill – WAPDA The submission of bill can be done on the appointed that online that will create ease for the customers.

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