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How to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day 14 August at Home

August is the most significant month of Pakistan. In this month, Pakistan achieved independence after the day and night hardwork of our beloved leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah due to which he ia known as Quaid-e-Azam. His delegation and consistency to the ideology of Pakistan which was earlier given by Allama Mauhammad iqbal and made it possible that we are now an independent nation.

He and his companions gave sacrifices to give freedom to the Muslims of India from British and Hindus as well so Muslims can have compete religious autonomy in a separate independent Muslim country.Now we are atomic state among all the 50 Muslim countries in all over the world. In 2010 there was study has done which was released later in  2011 , Islam has 1,5 billion adherents, which is 22% of the world population. According to the Pew Research Center in 2015 number of Muslim-majority countries were 50.

How to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day 14 August at Home

How to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day 14 August at Home

Infact, it is not wrong to say that seeing Jinnah fighting arduously for freedom, Hindus and their leader Gandhi also started struggle against British.Today, we celebrate our independence day with great zeal and zest one day before from India. Now the question is that after 70 years of independence from 1947 to 2017, how should we celebrate this auspicious occasion so we can give tribute to our leaders who made this possible, and those who migrated from India by sacrificing their homes, properties, wealth, relatives and even lives.

New generation’s perspective

Most of new generation may not value the blessing of Independence like our parents and grandparents do as they have listened the stories about that era from their parents and grand parents. To make our teenagers and children value the sacrifices made to gain independence, we have to celebrate 14 August in a way that they get to know about the hardships, trials and tribulations and sufferings faced by our ancestors to achieve Pakistan. In this this way, youngsters will love and value their homeland – Pakistan – and will not hesitate to make any kind of sacrifices for it.

Ways of celebrating 70th independence day

To celebrate the great occasion of 70th Independent Day of Pakistan, we can do the following things. Start your day with prayer for the safety and development of your country and Muslim World Set big flag of Pakistan on your house or roof to make it beautiful and ravishing Decorate your house with small chain of Pakistan’s flags Wear green and white clothes to make resemblance with the fabulous flag of Pakistan And if someone in your family is alive who have witnessed the era of Independence, listen from them the incidents of 1947 and struggle of people of that era. Otherwise read history so you can understand that how much sacrifices were made to get independence and thus why is it important to value that you have been born in an independent Muslim state having full independence.

We the whole team of Kitaab wish you very happy 70th independence day of Pakistan and request all our readers to pray for our country’s safety, prosperity and success. Ameen

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