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Pakistan Current Literacy Rate and Education Static Reports

Pakistan is listed among the most highest populated countries in the Asia. The people are in large in number thus it makes the necessitates of the population double in count. The people are marked in the best run of education. In precious years their was very less literacy rate in Pakistan but it is increasing now a days

Pakistan is among the mainly compactly populated countries of the world. At this time, over 180 million people exist in here creation it the 6th most densely inhabited country of the world. People fitting in to diverse casts, culture and color can be established. The overall literacy rate has always been a massive alarm here.

Literacy Rate and Education Static Reports

The literacy rate ranges from 96% in Islamabad to 28% in the Kohlu District. Pakistanis in the age group 55–64 had a literacy rate of almost 38%, those ages 45–54 had a literacy rate of nearly 46%, those 25–34 had a literacy rate of 57%, and those ages 15–24 had a literacy rate of 72%.

Pakistan Current Literacy Rate and Education Static Reports

Pakistan Current Literacy Rate and Education Static ReportsMany schools and colleges are incoming the education industry particularly in assorted big cities of Pakistan. But those living in rural areas are on a better thrashing. Even if children desire to study, they can’t, due to lack of resources or family difficulty. The main motivation for families not allowing their children particularly girls to study is over again illiteracy.


Having over 56% of countries population makes Punjab one of the most populous provinces of Pakistan. Over 3.8 million illiterate people currently reside in Punjab.


As far as its literacy rates are concerned, they are below 50 percent in rural areas. Karachi is leading the race and the rest are not even on the second or third position.  On the whole, many children are deprived of education due to which a greater percentage of child labor.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The overall literacy rate in this province is 50%.


For being an arid desert and a mountainous region, this province has always had hardships in building school based amenities. Just over one-quarter (28%) of the population 10 years and over is literate, with males 39% and females 16%.

It is a challenge for Pakistan to get better its literacy rate and the circumstances stress that the government rethinks the whole matter of literacy. Children are among the most expensive assets to any country and they necessitate to be provided with appropriate education.

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