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What is NTS NAT Test For Medical and Engineering and Its Importance

NAT National Aptitude Test  is an aptitude test oversees by NTS NAT test keep a tally are used by numerous of Pakistani establishment as an appraisal criterion aspect for admittance in Bachelor and Master level admissions.

National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admittance in NTS Associated Universities/ DAIs. The contender will appear in a solitary test merely and will situate entitled for entrance to all universities in the individual subject collection.

The candidates will be requisite to be relevant for admission in the universities as per their relevant declaration all along by earnings of a duplicate of the NTS Result Card.

What is NTS NAT Test For Medical and Engineering and Its Importance

What is NTS NAT Test For Medical and Engineering and Its Importance

The Result of the NAT will be applicable for ONE YEAR

NAT agenda

NAT is demeanor four times a year. You can come across the date of the test on the nts website.

NAT grouping

NAT is existing in countless brands. You can examination your particular NAT Type on nts official website.

NAT grounding

You can purchase the book NAT written by Muhammad Idrees for personality cram. If you come across complicatedness in personality grounding, You can stick together elementary classes at College of Admission Tests Multan Website: www.cat.edu.pk

NAT arrangement

NAT is consisted of four parts:

  1. Quantitative capability
  2. Verbal capability
  3. Analytical capability


Quantitative capability is consisted of:   predicament answer

vocal capability

Verbal capacity is consisted of four type of inquiry:

  • 1- decisive interpretation
  • 2- verdict conclusion
  • 3- equivalence
  • 4- Antonyms


Analytic knack is consisted of two question category:

  • 1- Analytical Reasoning
  • 2- Logical Reasoning

Area under discussion segment

The theme segment of the NAT consisted of Multiple Choice Questions pedestal on the theme you have special at the instance of be appropriate the NAT.

Programed NAT

  • NAT is oversee by NTS each three months. The attain of
  • programmed NAT remainder compelling for one year.
  • observation NAT agenda on nts website.

Personalized NAT

  • If educational calendar of a university or college does not contest by means of several programmed test by NTS. NTS assemble a NAT test on the demand of that university or college.
  • The existence of such personalized test is predestined for simply that entrance for which the university has demand to NTS.

NTS is a just this minute initiate arrangement which demeanor “Test” for admission hooked on an assortment of administration colleges and universities in Pakistan. The tests demeanor by NTS for admission hooked on colleges and universities called “NAT” (National Aptitude Test) and “GAT”.

Above and beyond permission tests, the NTS also demeanor tests for HEC and unfamiliar erudition.

For the Further Details regarding What is NTS NAT Test For Medical and Engineering and Its Importance. The Result of the NAT will be applicable for ONE YEAR. NTS NAT National Aptitude Test  is an aptitude test. you must keep stay with us here on this page and can get the updates regarding it and if you have any query or want to ask any question so you can ask from us here in below comment section.

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